On top of the work I was working on, video editing, photo editing, and mostly killing mosquitos the electric tennis racket, I decided a blog update might be nice, to show what I'm up to. Here, in Ifakara, has been two weeks yesterday of shooting photos and video for msabi, a small NGO for clean water. It stands for Maji Safi kwa Afya Bora Ifakara, swahili for Safe Water for Better Health Ifakara
Through taking photos and videos here in Ifakara I've gotten some cool chances to get out and see a lot of people and villages. I've also been able to visit schools and to photograph msabi projects. There, and everywhere I've been in Africa, the kids absolutely adore having their photos taken and react with the most high pitches laughs and squeals when they see their little digital image on the back of the camera. A boy on a barge today asked me in his best, most polite classroom English if I would take his photograph. I did, showed him, and he replied with a huge smile and a thank you. The same group of tiny people this small boy was with were all also dressed in tiny suits and ballroom dresses, apparently for the holiday. Some photos from around town are from below, soon some from the msabi shoots, and maybe even some night photos from this evening across the river depending on how the clouds cooperate. 

10/31/2012 02:49:17 pm

I am speechless. The "picture for Lenny", absolutely the best picture I needed for the effect I needed, lol. It's not often I can find no words. Thank you.
Hopefully, Your friend Lenny

10/31/2012 09:43:09 pm

Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it :) She's doing well and was pretty happy in a lab coat around lots of science.

3/2/2013 05:15:16 am

Hi jack
This is awesome photos and you are doing good job brother... !!!
keep it up and up brother!!! :)
You know what i'm gonna say next......COME BACK TO IFAKARA!!! :)


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