Yes, we detoured from North Africa on a RyanAir flight to spend a little time in Barcelona before Tunisia and Egypt. We found some fun stuff and here's where I tell you about it. This isn't a comprehensive list of the "Best of Barcelona" by any stretch, it's more of a "best we did that I happened to take pictures of on my phone" of Barcelona. Regardless, if you're headed to Barcelona these things are worth your time to check out. If you happen to have more money than us, which is very likely the case, you should check out spottedbylocals.com as well, this is an incredibly handy guide, yes written by locals, for things to do in many European cities. I would love to do a tour sampling food based on the recommendations on this guide, from my limited experience on this trip it's invaluable. Oh and it's free, so you can afford this guide even if you're also on a super budget :D

Pim Pam Burguer (& Pim Plam Plats)

If you've heard me talk or email about Pim Pam you'll know how excited I am. If you've ever talked to me you'll know I never shut up. I'll try to be brief. Pim Pam makes an incredible burger. We were looking for burgers, not our normal food quest but this day that's all that would suffice. We expected mediocre and found several candidates that looked pretty tasty- but we persevered. Tired and hungry, we peered down yet another alley and the sky opened up revealing the canopy above Pim Pam. There's also a Pim Pam around the corner that serves the same exact burgers and a selection of various other foods that look so delicious I want to try them all. Maybe I'll move to Barcelona. Most people come to Barcelona see the Sagrada Familia, which won't even be finished until 2026 at the earliest. Pim Pam wasn't designed by Gaudí, but it's finished now and tasting the burgers will certainly bring you closer to spiritual fulfillment. 
Now, a recipe:
Nothing's better when traveling than some wine, especially if you're "thinking España." That's not really always true, maybe, but it sounds nice. Here's a recipe for Tinto de Verano, which translates to Red Wine of Summer. 
1.) Get some cheap red wine, find bottles for less than €1 in the supermercat.
2.) Also get some lemon soda, Fanta Citron or Schweppes makes a delicious Citron too. 
3.) Mix them to taste and add ice. 

Café de les Delícies
This café is located La Raval, very close to the most touristy spot on La Rambla. It's a really cool looking place that feels really fun to hang out in. Their espresso is great, they make great drinks, and have some delicious muffins and pastries. It's also way less chaotic, cheaper than La Rambla, and just a very quick walk away. 

Lomography Barcelona
If you like lomography.com sure you'd want to check this out, it's a fun place. But... there are probably plenty of lomography shops that are just as cool. I didn't buy any cameras due to the ton of stuff I'm already carrying, but I really would have liked to. I almost bought another camera in Bristol and here I once again resisted the temptation. Best of Barcelona? We'll say best lomography shop in Barcelona for sure!
Last but not least - Tossa
This visit was from a recommendation on spottedbylocals, and a great find. It's a tapas bar (I believe it's pronounced "tapas") in the Eixample neighborhood, near the Sagrada Familia. Their tapas are really reasonably priced, their beer and espresso are cheap, and the food is top quality. Surprisingly good. Nice terrace seating shaded by trees and umbrellas make it a perfect place to kill a few hours after siesta. I didn't have a picture, I was too busy enjoying delicious food and beer. And coffee. And orange cake. 

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