We're still in Morocco, since the last post we've been checking out some more towns and seeing the differences in Morocco as you head North. There's still plenty of Arabic and French, but now in the previously Spanish-controlled Northern sections there is a lot more Spanish. Since both our French is horrible it's kind of nice to be able to communicate a little better when people still tend not to speak any English. No excuse for not learning much better French, but that'll take more that the few weeks we have left in Northern Africa. Since Moulay Yacoub we've been back to Fés, up to Chefchaouen, further up to Tétouan, and arrived today in Tangier, or Tanger as it's said here (like danger). We'll spend a few days in Tanger before crossing the Strait of Gibraltar and taking a detour from our Africa trip for a week in Barcelona. Thanks RyanAir. Chefchaouen was a pretty quaint little mountain town that looked like the photo to the left, in a word, adorable. Cobbled streets and winding hilly walking paths make up the old medina, with the only wheeled traffic being had pushed/pulled carts, the occasional small delivery truck, and a motorbike every so often. It's pretty hassle-free and inexpensive, and it makes sense why it's a popular Moroccan and European tourism destination. We travelled one day with some Brits, and Australian, and another American to see Akchoura falls, which did not disappoint. The day was expectedly hot and the cool crystal clear water felt amazing. We relaxed, photographed, and enjoyed the spot despite the hoards of other tourists when we went on a Saturday. 

8/14/2012 01:45:22 am

I've got those same Merrils! LOVE EM!


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