While in South Africa we had an opportunity to do some volunteer work and also get some photos with the Salvation Army thanks to our new friend Arlene, who we met in Durban. Cato translates to Zulu as "poor," which it is without any doubt. Cato Manor was originally built for the massive Indian servant population in Durban (and South Africa in general), but there was a nasty conflict in the 80's and the Indians were pushed out. 
There is government money being spent on housing projects in places like Cato Manor (called townships), but unfortunately the designs are poor and the timetable much delayed. I also took some photos of some of the houses in construction and I'll post those later to show what I mean. Despite the extreme poverty and high percentage of AIDS cases, the people welcomed food and the children enjoyed seeing their photos, many of them for the first time. 
Extremely rich and extremely poor South Africans live in very close proximity to each other, with affluent living on just the next rise past Cato Manor. Furthermore, due to the recent collapse of Apartheid and more recently the changes made by the current President, racial prejudice is strong. Hopefully as time separates South Africa's current residents from the mistakes of the past they can coexist as equals. I also hope much more money is spent on programs such as this to give these children an opportunity to get out of Cato Manor and take advantage of all the great things South Africa has to offer. 
9/29/2012 04:55:28 am

Hey Jake your pics came out great! Awesome to meet you and Lauren (I love her pics too). Voorspoed (Afrikaans for good luck) for the rest of your journey.

10/3/2012 02:12:54 am

Hi Jo. I love you.


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