Lauren has done more blogging so far, while I've been playing with my new gopro. I put together the video above to document our journey so far, from Denver to our first African destination, Casablanca. Take a look for six days condensed to five minutes and see what we've been up to so far...
Jennifer Simpson
7/1/2012 09:25:45 am

Not bad Jake! Keep the videos coming! GoPro's are tons of fun! What program did you use to put the video together? Just curious because I have yet to find one that I'm crazy about. Hope you have a great trip!

George Ferris
7/1/2012 02:05:18 pm

Looks like you're having a blast! Keep up the awesome videos and enjoy yourself!

Mary Nielsen
7/2/2012 02:20:07 am

How fun!!!


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