After a few more-hectic-than-necessary travel days that Lauren may choose to elaborate on we're both really happy to be in Tunisia. Not an original stop on our albeit rough itinerary, a little extra time and some encouraging words from the 904 lb. Lonely Planet guide we're carrying around got us both pretty excited for Tunisia for a lot of reasons. To defend the guidebook, which is actually quite handy despite my bashing it once previously on this blog, we are also carrying a Kindle which we probably just could have downloaded the book onto. Anyway, we've met some great people so far and are very optimistic about exploring this incredibly diverse country as our first full day here winds down. As may be expected, there is a lot of heat here. Even worse, there's not a lot of air moving in the place we're staying. Fortunately winding down from a couple long travel days makes sleep pretty easy despite the heat. 
     The second African country on our trip, Tunisia sits westernized and welcoming between it's bordering neighbors, Algeria and Libya. And despite their current situations that prevent us from traveling to either, at least not with the amount of planning we did for this trip, our experiences with locals so far have affirmed both of our wishes to see both of these much larger countries. 
     Three weeks and a camera in Tunisia, I have some ideas. We're looking forward to getting out and meeting more people to bring their exciting recent history to some people who may be unfamiliar with the conflict in the region, and for those who know what's been happening over here, to bring a bit of the feeling that text on a newspaper or web source doesn't convey.  

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