I haven't stayed at every hostel in Cairo, but I'd be comfortable recommending Dina's as the best. The room we had, #12, was one of the last ones available when we booked, though looking at it from the outside of the building it looked like the best room in the building. Inside the air conditioning, hardwood floors, and a surprisingly comfortable bed made it even better. This was by the largest room we've stayed in, and the high ceiling with tall doors and windows made it seem all the more grandiose. Dina's has a spacious and bright common area, actually two, for sitting and one with a computer for guest use. The hostel has wifi and free breakfast (with egg and cheese, our best hostel breakfast on this trip), though the best part is the easy going staff that is at the same time laid-back and totally helpful. If you're in Cairo, or ever plan a trip here (which you should, the pyramids are worth it), this is the place to stay. Even on a tight budget you can afford a dorm bed or even a private room, and even if you're used to staying in more expensive (nicer?) places the atmosphere at Dina's alone makes it the clear choice.
9/19/2012 10:35:32 am

So glad to see y'all liked Dina's! It's changed a lot since I was last there. Isn't she fabulous?!

9/20/2012 05:02:44 pm

We really loved it and can see how easily it would be a favorite. Seriously, too, check out Marrakech Rouge next time you hit up Morocco =) We can't wait to come back to Cairo just to stay here though!


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