Cairo, the first stop in Egypt. Travelers before us had warned abou the dangers, annoyances, and hassles prompted by reduced tourism as a result of Egypt's current political climate, and we were a bit uneasy about the potentially incessant barrage. It was a pleasant surprise when the shops, taxis, camel drivers, and other vendors were pushy but nowhere near as aggressive as we'd been lead to expect. One of the many great people we met was Ryan Harvey, an American musician and founder of the Riot Folk Collective in the US. Unfortunately we had to leave Cairo before his show, but we'll definitely catch him sometime back home. 
Of course the pyramids, just outside Cairo at Giza, were on the itinerary. We didn't make it until before the flight on the last day before departing to South Africa. 
Hope Young
9/18/2012 02:57:28 am

Jake, is the zebra photo on this site taken by you? Just wondering how close to the wildlife you are getting.........

9/18/2012 04:19:14 am

Yes the Zebra pic's mine, I have some more wildlife photos in the queue but a couple posts that are going up before them. I'm trying not to get too close to the wildlife, I hear they can be unpredictable...


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