Ethiopia, the last stop in the six month African safari. The previous months had been spent in excited anticipation of the food, the coffee, and most notably the coffee farm: Burka Gudina. Though my first visit to Burka Gudina was an abbreviated stay, the project was straightforward- to get some video for web clips that captured the life and heart of the farm. All projects aside, my personal goal was to meet the people, and in a couple quick days to meet and find portraits of the farm staff in their home among the coffee trees.

In addition to the people, the farm landscape is quite spectacular. Here are a few things I saw while soaking up every second of the experience at the farm. 
That was the farm and the shooting, in the field amidst the fresh air and ripe coffee cherries. This is the office, and some shooting there, city life:
Until next time shooting at an Ethiopian coffee farm... Stay tuned for gear reviews from the trip, depending on the wifi situation in Bahrain there may be a “way home” update as well. 
11/27/2012 08:55:10 am


Paulina (Alex)
11/27/2012 06:02:50 pm

OMG, what a sky! I see your trip turned out a great success. I'm very glad and proud to be part of it! :)


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